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Fornicator Marijuana Strain

Although I had been breeding for several years and producing promising Marijuana Seeds as well, the real Fancy Weed story starts with Fornicator. We have been offering Fornicator Marijuana Seeds for about a year now.

I had a NW strain of marijuana called Obama Kush. She had amazing terpines and was quite potent as well. She unfortunately was not a good producer. I had a vision of using her in a breeding project that could maintain the positive attributes of her but increase the yield.

I was running in production an amazing Cookies and Cream F-1 female in production. Now she had all the yield I could hope for. I didn't have a male though! I decided to buy some more Cookies and Cream Marijuana Seeds and do a pheno hunt for a nice male to cross him into Obama Kush. Exotic Genetics originally developed Cookies and Cream and I knew I could find some more seeds.

If I remember after popping some seeds we ended up after culling numerous males out of the herd for one reason or another with 3 males. We had clones pulled back and we continued to watch the three males mature and go into flower. Within a week one male really started to grab our attention. He was a beast! We ended up so impressed with him we killed off the other two males and threw him in with a donor Obama Kush female.

When the seeds were mature we popped 36 seeds to see what was in there. We wanted to find a female that was good enough for production as well as offer her seeds to the public. 

Out of those females became Fornicator! If memory serves me well i believe we ended up with 18 females. And out of those females there was 3 basic pheno types.

  1. There was some what we call the green pheno. Most all of them were amazing. We did not keep any of the the green phenos as I was looking for a plant that had it all including color! The green phenos were very nice plants and anyone would have been happy to have one in their garden.
  2. The second pheno, and there was only one of them was a massive yielder. Although she was a killer plant and produced heavy, large, dense buds the frost or color was just not up to being a keeper for me. Most people would be amazed at what that plant would produce. One again anyone would have been happy to have her! We let her go.
  3. We ended up with 7 plants that expressed the Fornicator pheno. They were amazing. She developed color in flower, smelled incredible and was a frost monster. She was a great yielder as well. In fact Fornicator  exceeded my expectations for a F-1 cross. 

We were so impressed with the outcome of this F-1 cross we decided to really run some seeds and find a even better male. We had done a F-2 Cookies and Cream cross a few months earlier. That F-2 cross was done with our Cookies and Cream female that we run in production rather than using breeder packs form Exotic genetics. Our female truly was exceptional. She had it all, yield, frost, smell and top shelf bag appeal. We had crossed her with the F-1 male we originally used for the Obama Kush cross that made Fornicator. 

So we popped 72 of our F-2 Cookies and Cream seeds looking for THAT male! We found him. He is spectacular as you can see in the picture. 

Fornicator is a bad ass plant. We have only released one pack of seeds at the time of this writing. A friend of ours ran a breeder pack and was simply amazed. I remember when we cropped out Fornicator we shared the bud with all of our contacts in the marijuana community and got nothing but raves. In fact our friend that we released the Fornicator seeds to is a top shelf grower and grow shop owner. The day after I shared some Fornicator bud with him he wanted a few ounces!! That was a terrific compliment for a fellow grower to want to buy bud from us! 

More to come afer we run those Fornicator seeds done with the F-2 male Cookies and Cream!

You Can Find Fornicator Marijuana Seeds Here!

Fornicator Obama Kush crossed to Cookies and Cream


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Fornicator At 6 Weeks Into Flower!

 Fornicator at 6 weeks into flower

















Fornicator Washington Marijuana Seeds

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Keebler Marijuana Genetics Cookies and Cream F 2 By Fancyweed

Washington Marijuana seed bank

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