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Monkey Business Marijuana Strain

Monkey BusinessWe were running Gorilla Glue #4 and although she was a good producer, she was not enjoyable to grow. She fell down almost imediatly after the 12 hour flip. She had absolutly no structure. As well her buds were loose and size did not reflect any considerable weight.

We decided to cross her to our spectacular Fornicator male. We were hoping to add a bit of structure and tighten up her buds. 

We were pleasantly surprised when the off spring inherited the best of both parents. Her buds were both extremely frosty and much tighter. She still had a bit more stretch than the Fornicator male, but it was manageable.

The terpine profile was a nice blend of both parents, a sweet skunk.

Potency of both parents was preserved.

We feel that this strain would be welcomed in most anyone's garden. She is a dream to grow and the buds are hard to beat. As a added bonus she yields quite well for extracts. She lends herself well to BHO extraction as well.

You can find Monkey Business Marijuana Seeds here.

Monkey Business at 4 weeks!

Monkey Business is Gorilla Glue 4 Genetics on steroids 1



Monkey Business is Gorilla Glue 4 Genetics on steroids 2

































Monkey Business at 6 weeks! This plant literaly pounds out frosty nugs by the bushel!

Monkey Business Marijuana Strain by Fancyweed


















Monkey Business Marijuana Seeds Goilla Glue 4

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