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Blue Blazes Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream by the numbers is the most popular marijuana strain. We have been running probably the best pheno of Blue Dream around, Snoops Cut. our opinion Blue Dream is a very "Vanilla" plant and bud. We were running her in production mainly because of the popular appeal and our desire to give our clients what they wanted. She did have some attributes although that made her a candidate to work with genetically and possibly improve on this legendary strain. One of the drawbacks to Blue Dream is the fact that Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds are not available unless they were attempts at reproduction by other breeders that did not turn out well. Original Blue Dream is clone only. 

  1. First of all Blue Dream has the ability if grown well to produce gobs of bud! Hey that is a good thing. We have personally harvested over four pounds off of a outdoor screened plant. She was grown in a greenhouse in a 30 gallon pot on a 4 ft by 8 ft screen. True Story!
  2. She is a relatively easy plant to grow. She needed little management in flower. She vegged well and was not to light hungry.

We wanted to offer improved Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

One again we went to our in house developed Cookies and Cream F-2 male. How could we go wrong. Historically everything he touched was golden. Good old Starfighter genetics.

As always we tested the seeds from this marrage. My god how we were surprised when the plants were in veg. The plants were very stable and all were similar in structure and growth characteristics. All the females were simply beasts. They inherited some improved structure from the Cookies and Cream F-2 daddy. 

But when they went into flower the show really began. She immediately started to pound out bud. Dense frosty bud and lots of it. In fact it was really hard to pick a keeper female to run in production. At about week 6 in flower one female seemed to rise above the rest in structure and bud production. Her terpine profile had more than a hint of blueberry aroma. But always the final box to check off in our selection process is the smoke test!

The flavor was sweet and very enjoyable. It was fruity and sweet with a touch of blueberry. But the deciding factor if our chosen female was to pass the grade was the potency test. Watch out! She now packs a punch that is very noticeably more potent than Snoops Cut of Blue Dream ever was. 

We very often have to give it lots of thought before working with such a legendary strain such and Blue Dream. If we cant improve the genetics, why cross it with anything? We are confident that working with Blue Dream has been a success and are proud to offer our version of Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds.

You will find her to have better structure. She veges very well. And the bud she produces WILL not disappoint you. She will become one of your favorite plant in your garden.

 You Can Find Blue Blazes Marijuana Seeds Here

Blue Blazes Blue Dream Seeds

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