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Bonamassa Blues Marijuana Strain

For years we have run D. J. Shorts pre 99 Blueberry. This is the blueberry that all others are judged by. Ironicly no other Blueberry marijuana strain compares! 

Our goal with working with this blueberry strain was to create a Blueberry strain and offer Blueberry Marijuana Seeds. We  wanted a blueberry line and as all our strain we wanted it to be the best available. Well we had the best female Blueberry plant in our arsenal, D. J. Shorts Pre 99 Blueberry. We had half the equasion. Now all we needed was a male to outcross her to. At the time we were having terrific luck with a Cookies and Cream F-2 male. We decided to throw the two together and see what happens. 

The male we chose was a very proven male. He had all the qualities we were looking for to not only cross to our female Blueberry but to improve on one of our females qualities. D. J. Shorts Blueberry had one quality that was not conducive to being a terrific plant, Her structure sucked! Everything our Cookies and Cream F-2 male touched inherited his structure, or at least improved it. Previously we used him in some of our strains we have developed to date. Orange Julius, Blue Blazes, Bonamassa Blues etc. We had all the confidence in the world that the marriage of these two bad ass strains would turn out some world class genetics.

The Marijuana Seeds that came from this cross were killer! We as always test our seeds prior to releasing them. We ran a bunch of them not only to test them, but also to possibly find a keeper female. We also wanted to find a keeper male to continue this line of breeding. Our expectations were exceeded in all areas. These batch of marijuana seeds produced some beautiful specimens.

We have a philosophy here at Fancyweed. We do not keep second class genetics in our garden, period. There is a old saying "You cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear" Up to this point we have never kept more than one pheno. You see when we cross genetics to possibly produce a new and exciting strain, we only keep phenos that represent out intended goal. 

Well the gods were truly with us on this one! We found two female pheno's that we could not give up!

  1. Blueberry Number one, that's what we called her! She resembled her mama almost to the letter. She was sativa leaning. She was covered in frost. And she had a little more structure in her growth pattern. She stood up much better in flower. But most important she reeked of blueberry muffins! 
  2. The pheno we call Bonamassa Blues and run in production is a beast. She is a big girl, massive yields. Much stronger than Number 1. She has terpines that are a mix of fruit and berries. Her potency is amazing. She inherited some indica genetics from our Cookies and Cream f-2 male. Our male leaned toward the Starfighter genetics in him.

So there you have it. Bonamassa Blues. If you should decide to purchase some you will be amazed at the plants that will come from this cross.

 You Can Find Bonamassa Blues Marijuana Seeds Here

Bonamassa Blues Marijuana Seeds


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