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Obama Kush X Cookies and Cream F-1

Fornicator Marijuana Seeds

Fornicator was created by crossing Obama Kush with a stellar Cookies and Cream F-1 male. This cross really knocked it out of the park. Packed with sweet fruity terpines and potency. This is our flagship strain.This girl will be the envy of all your grow buddies! Bonus- She is extremely fast in flower.

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Fornicator Marijuana Seeds


Gorilla Glue #4 X Fornicator

Monkey Business

Our Monkey Business strain is a marriage of Gorilla Glue #4 and our Fornicator male. She has much tighter nugs and the potency of both parents. Terps are a nice blend of the Gorillas skunk and the fruity sweetness of Fornicator. She is a medium to heavy producer and easy to trim.

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Monkey Business Marijuana Seeds


Snoops Cut Blue Dream X Keebler

Blue Blazes Blue Dream Seeds

We took our stellar cut of Blue Dream (Snoops Cut) and crossed her with our stud male Keebler. All reviews from our friends that enjoy testing our gear was "OMG"! She is Blue Dream on steroids. She produces large frosty nugs that are extremly potent. And the terps are increadable.

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Blue Blazes Marijuana Seeds


 Agent Orange (Block Head) X Keebler

Orange Julius Fancyweed Seeds-Agent Orange marijuana seeds

We took our legendary blockhead cut of Agent Orange and let our Keebler male have his way with her! We had a hard time picking a keeper female out of this F-1 cross. These girls produce large tight buds covered in frost. The terpines are citrus and sweet. She is a very heavy yielder and easy to trim.

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Orange Julius Marijuana Seeds


D.J. Shorts Blueberry X Keebler

Bonamassa Blues Marijuana Seeds

 What more can we say! D.J.Shorts Pre 99 Blueberry crossed to our male Keebler. Blueberry simply does not get any better than this. Intense effects with a rich berry flavor. Tight frosty nugs top off this girl. Those blueberry fans will not want to miss out on these genetics.

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Bonamassa Blues Marijuana Seeds


Heritage Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

Washington Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

For those who wish to have the legendary D.J. Shorts Blueberry from the old days that all others are compared to, here is your chance. We did a outcross to our Keebler and then with a selected male from those seeds crossed him back into our mother blueberry. These are a limited offering as 25 seed breeder packs. 

D.J. Shorts Blueberry BX1 Marijuana Seeds

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