Washington Bred Marijuana Seeds

Washington Marijuana Seeds Breeder

Fancyweed is a Washington Marijuana Seeds Producer. We have been breeding elite marijuana seeds for round 8 years in Washington. As a medical marijuana patient I started collecting marijuana strains. I quickly learned that keeping only the best strains was the way to ensure that my garden produced only top shelf marijuana. Breeding marijuana and producing top shelf marijuana seeds and strains is our passion.

 Our Washington Marijuana Seeds

In this day and age where everyone seems to be a marijuana breeder and there are marijuana seeds on every corner no doubt you wonder what makes Fancyweed’s Marijuana Seeds different.

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Gorilla Glue #4 X To Fornicator

Monkey Business

New And Improved Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 Marijuana Seeds
Monkey Business X Fornicator- Gorilla Glue #4 genetics

A few years back we were hearing the drum beats resonating around the marijuana grow community about Gorilla Glue #4. We were given a cut of Gorilla Glue from a friend in the Seattle area and were anxious to see what all the hype was about.

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Look What We Found!

Obama Kush Back Cross

Obama Kush Marijuana Seeds
Obama Kush Back Crossed To Fornicator Male

One of my all time favorite marijuana strains is Obama Kush. She had one of the most intoxicating terpine profiles I have ever come across. It was sweet, fruity and very loud! The potency and effects was very potent. In a nut shell those who have had the privilege to smoke the dense dark buds loved her.

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Marijuana Grow Rules For Washington

How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow In Washington?

Washington State Cannibis Seeds
Washington State New Marijuana Grow Rules

So you have decided to grow your own marijuana for personal use in Washington. Many people are confused as to how many marijuana plants a person can grow for their own use. This is quite understandable as Washington has been modifying the rules and taking their sweet ass time deciding just how they are going to regulate marijuana growers and users.

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Orange Julius Marijuana Seeds

Orange Julius Marijuana Seeds

Orange Julius-Agent orange Seeds
New and Improved Agent Orange Marijuana Strain

We were gifted a rare blockhead cut of Agent Orange. When we test ran her in flower she was fabulous. She was fabulous except for one thing. Although the buds were large they were also very light in structure. The orange terpines were incredible. We thought enough of her that we wanted to “Work” with her in regards to her light bud structure.

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Washington/Oregon Outdoor Clones!

Marijuana Clones Suitable for Washington Climate

Fornicator Marijuana Seeds
Fornicator Outdoors in Hoop

As many growers in Washington and Oregon have experienced, not all strains do well in the NW climate. We know as we have experienced the same results with many marijuana plants that do not do well in Washington and Oregon. Roughly half of our “Production” marijuana strains have proven themselves to be suitable for outside grows.

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Clone Shipping

Clone Shipping and Sales
Fancy Weed Breeder Cut Clone Sales

We at Fancy Weed are considering offering our breeder cuts of strains to the public. These are the cuts we have chosen to use in production.

We find these phenos when we are testing our marijuana seeds. We generally run 72 seeds when testing our genetics. You can rest assured when you purchase our breeder cuts you are getting the best of the best.

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Fancy Weed Has Been Busy!

Our New Marijuana Breeding Projects

All last summer we have been working on a few marijuana breeding projects. We have also been testing our marijuana seeds as well.

It takes a long time to develop a new marijuana strain and have marijuana seeds tested and ready for sale. We do all our own testing in house, we do not sub the project out to other people. In our opinion that is the only way to accomplish the task of testing marijuana seeds and strains.

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New Marijuana Strains For 2017 Being Tested

Fancy Weed’s New Marijuana Strain’s Being Released For 2017

Fancy Weed's Marijuana Seeds Test Rooms
One of our marijuana seeds test rooms

We at Fancy Weed are in the process of testing several new marijuana strains prior to releasing the new strains. We will be offering the marijuana seeds probably in December 2016.

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Keebler Cookies Marijuana Strain

Cookies and Cream F-2 (Keebler Cookies)

We at Fancyweed have been working with the Cookies and Cream Marijuana Strain for a few years now.

Keebler Cookies - Cookies and Cream F-2 Female
Keebler Cookies. Fancyweed’s Cookies and Cream F-2 Female

We found a killer F-1 Cookies and Cream pheno a few years ago and have been running her in production ever since. We have to give kudos and credit to Exotic Genetix for the original development of Cookies And Cream. They did a wonderful job. She is a cross between Mystery Cookies and a F-2 Starfighter male.

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